Monday, July 23, 2012

At Home Work-Out

Lack of time and everyday commitments make at home workouts ideal for many people. Making the time in your already busy schedule and adding the extra expense of gym membership make at home workouts more appealing for many people.
So what are your options from the list of at home workouts? If not having room in your house or not wanting to have machines that in many cases become objects to hang clothes on is something that you need to take into account then it might be time for you to take a look at implementing some type of workout that requires little or no extra equipment.
If you are just beginning your at home workouts routine then starting with a home based exercise such as walking can be a great start. You don't need to make a special trip other than going out your front door to get your walk started. Starting out with a walk as short as 15 minutes is a good start. The most important thing is that it gets you going and develops a movement momentum.
As time goes on and your body becomes stronger and longs for more you can add interval walking into your routine as well as hill walking. Both are great ways for you to increase your stamina and your cardio vascular fitness.
Adding some form of strength training to your at home workouts routine is also a good step when planning your workout routine.
One of the most effective at home workouts for strength training is to incorporate some type of body weight exercise routine into your schedule. You can choose from a wide variety of body weight exercises that are easy to perform and need only your body to execute.
Some of these exercises are push-ups, planks, and dips for upper body and core strength development as well as a variety of other exercises that develop abdominal and core strength. Adding these simple strength building exercises to your at home workouts schedule can pay a big dividend in your overall health.
Another advantage of adding body weight exercises to your at home workouts slate is that many of these exercises develop functional strength. Functional strength is natural strength that is developed by using natural movements of your body that help a person get through each day by better being able to perform simple chores around the house, work in the garden, or running kids or grandkids around to their daily activities.
The most important advantage to adding body weight or any exercise to your at home workouts roster is that any form of exercise improves the physical and emotional quality of a person' s life. Attitude and energy levels are affected in a positive way.
If you know that it's time to start moving on your exercise program than consider getting started by using one of the many at home workouts that are available and that best fit your demeanor and your schedule.
Fred Nicklaus is a National Champion martial artist and fitness trainer who has owned and operated martial arts and fitness programs for over 30 years. He teaches strength and fitness classes for young athletes, men, and women in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Visit to find out more about his 9 Minute core home workout and also to claim your FREE fitness video